History of SCAPPA                        

History of SCAPPA

The SCAPPA was created in 1984 but with the name of Alcohol and Drug Primary Prevention Professionals and Advocates.  This association was created to establish credentialing processes for Prevention Specialists.  At that time, the South Carolina Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (SCCADAS) administered the credentialing processes only for intervention and treatment professionals.  In 1987, through the work of the association, a prevention credential was created and then implemented by the state agency along with the other substance abuse professional credentials.

In 1990, the association was dormant for a period of time.  In 1992, a group of Prevention Specialists came together to reestablish the association.  The group revised the association’s by-laws and changed the association’s name to its current name, the South Carolina Association of Prevention Professionals and Advocates (SCAPPA). A new focus on professional development was added to the mission of the organization.  

In January 1996, the SCAPPA assumed the responsibility for certifying prevention professionals and created the SCAPPA Certification Board, now referred to as the Certification Commission.  The SCAPPA Certification Commission and committees are responsible for the development and administration of the prevention certification processes.  The SCAPPA Board of Directors and its committees continue to focus on providing leadership and advocacy for prevention and its professionals.

1984:    Initial association formed. Association was called Alcohol and Drug Primary Prevention Professionals of South Carolina.- Association agrees to credential Prevention Specialist

1985:    Credentialing Committee formed by AADPPP of SC- Developed prevention critical functions- Developed prevention credentialing written test

1986:    Prevention written test piloted (January 1986)- Prevention credentialing study guide developed- Grandfathering process completed (October 1986)- Association sponsors Group Facilitation Skills" training (July)- Association sponsors "Marketing Skills" training (October)

1987:     Credentialing process in place (January)- Two Prevention Specialists were appointed top the SCADDA Credentialing Board- Association sponsors "Planning Skills" training (November)- Credentialing Peer Review Committee is active

1990:    Association goes dormant

1992:    Group of Prevention Specialists creates a committee to explore reactivating association- Revised By-Laws and association name- Elected new association board

1993:    Acquires 501-C-3 status- Association sponsors "Volunteer Recruitment" training

1994:    Association sponsors "Grant Writing" and "Stress Management" training

1995:    Association sponsors "Prevention Evaluation" training

1996:    SCAPPA assumes responsibility for certifying Prevention Professionals- Prevention Certification Task Force is created to develop new certification standards for Prevention Professionals- SCAPPA Certification Board is accepted as Prevention Member Board of the IC & RC (International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium/Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse- Association sponsors "Advanced and Expanded Prevention Evaluation "training

1997:    SCAPPA Certification Board "Grandfathers" first Certified Prevention Professionals and Certified Senior Prevention Professionals (93 Prevention Professionals are certified) and implements certification process for Prevention Professionals- Certification Board establishes formal committees: Certification Peer Review Committee and Certification Training Review Committee- SCAPPA sponsors "Story Telling/Play Therapy" training- SCAPPA sponsors "Prevention Institute-Prevention 201" at the South Carolina School for Alcohol and Other Drug Studies- SCAPPA sponsors "Working With People ...Group Facilitation" training

1998:    SCAPPA sponsors "Prevention in Carolina" conference (Training offered in Professional Ethics and Program evaluation) (October) -SCAPPA joins the South Carolina Tobacco Settlement Consensus workgroup -SCAPPA sponsors "Celebrating Prevention" workshop (December) -SCAPPA Certification Board develops "SCAPPA Mentor Program Guidelines"

1999:    SCAPPA sponsors "Media Literacy" conference (June)

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